Hi There.
My Name Is Marc.

I am a developer, media-hacker, and freestyle drone pilot


I develop software and web applications using Python. I also have skills in PHP, Ruby, ECMA, and many other languages, but Python is my primary language. Professional details are here exclusively.

As a "media hacker" my 20,000+ hours in recording, engineering, allow me to re-engineer gear and media. I have played over 500 live shows in almost 75 projects on 5 instruments across the USA.

As a developer all work is enterprise orientated delivering the highest quality possible. My resume spans agency work, start-ups, and corporate applications where experience ranges from HIPAA compliance to social media integrations and scraping.

After working in Silicon Alley and returning to Colorado, the pull of e-commerce is paving the path for the next great body of work. Pushing boundaries of online sales and progressive ideas has always been where my strength and interest resides, and getting back to this work feels most natural.


Selected Projects


Slack Apps: Custom integrations and bots (currently invite only). I love slack and the list of apps I have created or am working on is very long. If you need more from slack, LMK.

SHopify ETL: One of our stores needed to move. validate, and audit thousands of products. From this work we published an ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) script. Using this Python library creates a foundation for custom data needs in the Shopify API.

Anti-Framework : Minimalist PHP based framework for publishing sites quickly using only markdown. Key for creating documentation that is easy to edit and requires no database (like Jekyll but designed for faster set up and written in PHP making install and service simple.)

fpv.datamafia.com : A collection of drone flight derivative media works. Put another way, I am living my childhood dream by building and flying robots.

Rotor Garage : Open source, non-competing, freestyle focused drone research and engineering hub. CAD designs (frames and accessories, PCBs, custom software and applications.

Consign App: Interface for Shopify allowing 3rd party digital consignment and management. Put another way, Etsy inside SHopify or a remote management application for Shopify allowing vendors or other sellers to list products on a shop but with a full approval and communication layer.

Reach out, taste the purple. (err, code)

People are amazed by my work and what I can do. So let me tell you about it.

"Sometimes you have to write 2000 lines of code to know what 1500 lines to discard."

Media Hacking

Thought Leader

  • SXSW presenter/performer
  • Created and Ran large audio Meet-Up
  • Declined Ableton certification 2x


  • Non-traditional CV implementations
  • Reverse engineering of Ableton API
  • DJ scratching real time effect (hardware)


  • Re-mixing (live and studio)
  • Software and Hardware modification
  • Audio/Video powerhouse

Shiny objects dull quickly and few are gold. Choose your tech wisely, make sure the bricks are a worthy foundation.


What are your tools of choice? Code is written mostly in JetBrains products. I would prefer Linux (despite using OSX)

Do you have some code examples? My best work is for other companies and is their property. I post occasionally at GitHub.

Are you available for freelance work? Yes, I also take on medium length contracts and larger projects.

What do you like to do away from the screen? Spend time with my wife, fly drones, and build stuff.

What are your favorite books? I mostly read programming books, but also enjoy derivative works from Burroughs and Gysin cut-up experiments (I also admit to listening to cheesy sci-fi audio-books).

What are your favorite movies? The list is easy: Waking Life, Big Lebowski, and Brazil.

What are your favorite albums? All I need are three: Paul's Boutique by Beastie Boys, Little Sunflower by Milt Jackson, and TNT by Tortoise.

What is your favorite quote? Anything in latin. Lorem Ipsum.

Where do you reside? NYC, East Village and Colorado (near Denver). My real home is the internet.

Are you interested in a full-time job? I entertain all opportunities but choose relationships like these carefully. Contact me directly for a full career package.

Simplicity and elegance are expensive up front but a better investment in the long run.


Communication occurs on many channels. Instant message, phone, team platforms, project management software, video services and even email.

contact [at] datamafia [dot] com