Hi There.
My Name Is Marc.

I build applications for the internet like websites, APIs, & data infrastructure.


I specialize in PHP and Python development with an emphasis on Wordpress and Django respectively. I see code as a craft and like to engage with others who feel the same.

I've been working professionally as a programmer for over 10 years, but the story goes back much further. I have lead teams, project managed, worked in agencies, corporations, startups, and collaborated with many great minds.

Since I chase skills and experiences over titles, you might want to label me as a highly cross-trained programmer. The pursuit and sharing of knowledge is the motivation

I currently live in Manhattan and take contracts as a hired gun and consultant. I am a polyglot and traverse business needs and technology as a craftsman of modernity.

Testing to prove "working" is not enough.
One must include tests to prove "I can't break this".

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My languages of choice are PHP and Python with a focus on Wordpress, Django, and Shopify. I see code as a craft and like to engage with others who feel the same while delivering sensible and sustainable solutions in every instance.

Your needs may be unique and require custom solutions, or perhaps you have a very standard project. As a highly cross-trained programmer, together we'll come up with a plan for the best utilization of my services and skills to fit your needs.

Platform Development

  • Wordpress, Shopify, and beyond
  • Themes, integration, and custom functionality
  • Alterations or modifications to existing code

Social Media Integration

  • Social gating implementation
  • Content moderation and syndication
  • Data retention, analysis, and reporting

API & Web Services

  • Creation and consumption of API
  • Integration of text message, file delivery, etc
  • Customized CRM and sales solutions

Front End & Design

  • HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Creation / deployment of infrastructure
  • CDN, caching, and optimization

Absolute Freaking Magic

  • Customized and sustainable solutions
  • Web parsing, scraping, and computation
  • Leveraging of cloud computing services

Odds and Ends

  • Consulting on best practices
  • Code review and analysis
  • Tech strategy and project management

The answer "I don't know" is acceptable when confronted with a new problem.
"Can't do" is the wrong answer.

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What are your tools of choice? Coding is done via Komodo IDE, and while I would prefer Linux (despite using OSX), my iPhone is one of the coolest toys I own.

What are some backend examples you've coded? My best backend work is for other companies and is their property. Contact me directly for additional information.

Are you available for freelance work? Yes, freelance is part of what I do. I also take on medium length contracts and larger projects.

What do you like to do away from the screen? Spend time with my wife, fly drones, and build stuff.

What are your favorite books? I mostly read programming books, but also enjoy derivative works from Burroughs and Gysin cut-up experiments (I also admit to listening to cheesy sci-fi audio-books).

What are your favorite movies? The list is easy: Waking Life, Big Lebowski, and Brazil.

What are your favorite albums? All I need are three: Paul's Boutique by Beastie Boys, Little Sunflower by Milt Jackson, and TNT by Tortoise.

What is your favorite quote? Anything in latin. Lorem Ipsum.

Where do you reside? NYC, East Village to be exact (and the internet).

Are you interested in a full-time job? I entertain all opportunities but choose relationships like these carefully. Contact me directly for a full career package.







Simplicity and elegance are expensive up front but a better investment in the long run.

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Communication occurs on many channels. Instanst message, phone, team platforms, project management software, video services and even email.

If you don't already have some customized form of communication in line, use this form to kick start a fresh conversation.

contact [at] datamafia [dot] com